Psalm 121

KCatz Soap Studio
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Powders and Clay are Weighted

100g R25, 500g R80, 1Kg R149

Activated Charcoal

100g R31, 50g R106, 1Kg R201

Bentonite Clay Food Grade

1Kg R35, 5Kg R133,

Bicarbonate of Soda Food Grade

Certificate of Analysis

Sold Out

1Kg R56, 5Kg R237,


1Kg R51, 5Kg R216

Citric Acid

1Kg R31, 5Kg R106, 1KgR200

Kaolin Clay

1Kg R31, 5Kg R106, 1KgR200

Zinc Oxide

1Kg R31, 5Kg R106, 1KgR200

Titanium Dioxide